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This is a website designed to showcase the scenic beauty of my home state
of North Carolina. It combines my hobbies of photography, hiking, and
gardening. Check out my photo galleries, trip reports, videos, tutorials, and
links to other great sites on the Web.

Every few weeks there will be a new Front Page Feature about a recent
adventure or something unique to North Carolina. It might be a discovery of
a new waterfall or rare wildflower. Come join me and my hiking buddies as
we explore scenic North Carolina. You will be glad you did.
From the mountain
coves to  pine woods of
the coastal plain North
Carolina has a rich
diversity of plant life.
What's New for August 30, 2007

Early Tuesday morning I got up at 4 am to photograph the lunar eclipse. I
shot several images over a 2 hour period then created the composite image
you see below. Thanks everyone for the emails and comments posted on my
Pbase, 360 and Facebook pages. This was a fun project to do.

For those who asked about how I did the composite, I've wrote a tutorial
with screen shots describing the steps. You can find it by clicking
here or the
Tutorial button on the menu bar at the top of this page. The next lunar
eclipse visible in North America will be on February 21, 2008.
In Search of a
Rare Orchid
August 2007
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Front Page Feature - Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse August 2007
Made from a series of shots taken over a 2 hour period.
For a tutorial on how this image was made,
click here:
A Composite Image of a Lunar Eclipse
Recent Adventures
Some of our recent
waterfall adventures
July 2007