If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a motion picture must be worth a million. We
all like still photographs because they capture a visual snapshot in time. A video, however,
not only captures the images we see, but the sounds we hear. The combination of the sites
and sounds makes the whole experience more  real to life. Below are some videos I filmed
in September 2005 my Canon PowerShot Pro 1 digital camera. The clips are range in size
from 3.5 to 8 MB, and are about 30 seconds in length.

To view them you need Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Then click on
the Play button to start. For best viewing you will need a screen resolution of 1024 x 768
pixels or higher. Adjust your sound volume down as these clips do play loud. Note: the
video files has been compressed for web viewing which may cause some distortions in the
quality of the frames.
 The videos may play slowly until the files are fully loaded.
White Owl Falls
Transylvania County, NC
Height: 20 ft
Located off N.C. 281
3.6 miles south of Gorges State Park.
The trail is 1/4 mile down from S.R. 1189
on the left side of the road.
Looking Glass Falls
Transylvania County, NC
Height: 60 ft
Located on U.S. 276 five miles north of the
intersection of N.C. 280, U.S. 64 and 276 in Brevard.
The falls can be seen from the road on the right.
Scotsman Creek Falls
Jackson County, NC
Height: 50 ft
Located on S.R. 1100 six miles south of the
intersection of U.S. 64 and N.C. 107 in Cashiers.
A waterfall in Pisgah National Forest
Transylvania County, NC
Height: 60+ ft
The next video below is this same
waterfall filmed from downstream.
A waterfall in Pisgah National Forest
Transylvania County, NC
Height: 60+ ft
Filmed from downstream
From this vantage point you can really see
how awesome this waterfall really is.
Below are a couple of clips from our 2005 Labor Day weekend. Friday evening Rich,
Harry, Cathy, and me went down to the lake behind Harry's house. They rode on the
party barge and I did the filming. Rich did the bubble making, Harry did the fishing and
Cathy watched. Since it was about 7pm it was getting dark, so I was surprised how the
camera picked up enough light to record the video clips. I took them in "medium"  quality
mode. After compressing the files I noticed the quality was less than if I shot the clips in
the high quality setting.
Bubble making and fishing
on the par-ta barge
Lake Toxaway, NC
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